Saturday, May 9, 2015

PC Game Review: Survivalist

What Survivalist did Right
Nice building system
a cool feature in Survivalist is the building. you can build fences and razor wire to protect your chosen home base, protecting you from zombie hordes and raiders. you build houses for your followers and fellow survivors. you can build bunkers to give you an edge when fighting gun wielding hostiles. by the late game you'll have a nice little town.

Large open world to explore
something that Survivalist did right is its large open world for you to explore. you can also set up your base anywhere you want

Hostile Factions Attack events
the cities are the best places to find loot and food but going into them often will cause your base to be attacked by looters or zombie hordes. this adds some nice challenge to the game, it makes it dangerous to visit the cities a lot.

What Survivalist did Wrong

No real choices in dialogue
several times during the game you will be able to make dialogue “choices”. the only problem is that they really aren't choices.  you will get three ways to be a jerk without the choice to be  nice or understanding. or you will get three ways to be nice and understanding without a choice to be a jerk.

Zombies are way too fast
Zombies in Survivalist run as fast, if not faster than a speeding car. im not  joking. when you see a zombie it will be on top of you in 1 to 2 seconds.

Worst shooting system in a game ever
shooting in Survivalist is horrible. really horrible. if shooting worked this way in real life armies would be still be using swords. when you aim at a zombie or hostile NPC you have to wait about 5 to 10 seconds to even have a chance of hitting them. and if you or they move your “aiming” resets completely. and with the zombies being so fast it makes it impossible to wait to aim. also hostile NPCs seem to have pin-point accuracy hitting you virtually every shot.

Way too fast Day/Night system
Survivalist has a Day/Night system. during night your view is even more limited and more zombies are racing about. the problem is that the day is about six minutes.

you and all your friends are weaklings
this makes sense for you. i mean you’re a hedge fund manager. but why is every friendly person a weak shell of a human being? by that i mean that they will run out of stamina after just a few seconds of running. or they can only hold a few things of food before running out of storage space.

Annoyingly unhelpful Tutorial
In Survivalist they have kind of “learn as you go” tutorial. you play in the game world while they teach you want to do. the problem is it doesn't work. as i was leaving my bunker for the first mission i got hurt and needed to heal. but because they had to tell me how to open my inventory i couldn't. they didn't give me the pop-up message on how to open inventory until i got to a certain place. the problem with that is that there are two very strong zombies  in the way between me and that place, and with my person slowed even more by the wound i already had i could barely get past them.

Bad inventory system
another annoying thing in Survivalist is the fact that you can’t not drop things. you can only destroy them. also you can not select how much you want to destroy, you can only destroy the whole stack. this was really annoying to me as during my play through i had too much stuff and had already gotten ridden of all the junk out of my pack. i had a 50X stack of gold and if i dropped 10 i would be good. but i couldn't so i had to lose my 50 pieces of gold.

Bad graphics
I know I know, graphics aren't everything. but Survivalist looks worse than a PS2 game. everything is jagged and blurry.

Final Thoughts
Survivalist is by no means the best RPG zombie game out there, but it isn't the worst. if you really like RPGs and/or zombie games you should try Survivalist. and if you hate it you've only lost 5 bucks.



Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Endless Space

What Endless Space did right

Smooth 4X gameplay
Endless Space plays great with smooth 4X gameplay. it plays a lot like a Civilization game, with the player having to manage your government, your tech, your military, and foreign relations.

Strategic Combat
In Endless Space instead of directly controlling battles you choose your battle strategies. like EMPs, Missile Barriers, and the such. choosing the right battle strategy can help you win against even a larger fleet.

Epic Thematic Battles
once you've chosen your battle strategy the only thing to left to do is sit back and watch the fireworks. getting to see your epic fleet destroy (or be destroyed) is just great.

Lots of factions
Endless Space features 12 factions with their own lore, game art, and space ship design. to add to that you can also create your own faction with their own traits.

Custom fleets
in Endless Space you can choose what weapons and systems your ships have, this means you can make ship designs for certain purposes like planet invasion or fleet carrier.

a slight RPG element to Endless Space are heroes. heroes can be assigned to systems and fleets giving bonus. they also get XP as time goes on and get better traits.

What Endless Space did wrong

UI is a little confusing
the Endless Space UI can be a little confusing and they don’t really do good job of explaining everything to you.

AI is not too smart
The AI in Endless Space is not that smart. they will attack you even if you greatly outnumber them. also if you get a too high tech score they attack you “out of fear of your advancement” so basically they get afraid when you have enough power to beat them, so they attack you. on their own. i wish the AI would join together to take you down if they think you've gotten too powerful.


Very Good

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

What Call of Duty Advanced Warfare did Right

Fun,quick paced combat
COD gameplay has always been about fast, and smooth gunplay. AW doesn't change that. action is still very fast.

New Killstreak System
KIllstreaks can now be slightly customized for your needs. you can choose features to add on to them. like making a bombing run drop Care packages or making care packages fly to you.

Interesting new game modes
“Long Shot” “Uplink” and “Momentum” just to name a few of the new game modes. it gives the game some nice re-playability
Splitscreen Co-op
one feature that i love in COD games is splitscreen co-op ability. many games don't allow splitscreen mulitplayer anymore. so, points for that.

what Call of Duty Advanced Warfare did Wrong

Weapons feel the same
Pretty much all of the weapons are just current day weapons but with a holographic HUD or  flashy LEDs.

Annoying Adds
EVERYTIME you log into call of duty you will be greeted with a pop up trying to get you to buy the latest DLC. it can get annoying.

Poor Maps
the maps in AW feel small and copies of each other. Cities, and remote outposts, that's really the only kind of maps you get.

Sniper Rifles are useless
once again Sniper Rifles are useless unless you are playing “Longshot” otherwise its almost impossible to get a kill with sniper rifles.

Story is boring
You've all heard of the “Press X to feel” part of the Story but it gets even worse near the end. they gear you up for some big “final battle” you know what i mean. the end of the road. the epic closure of a SC-FI shooter. AW doesn't give you that. they make you think you’re going to get it but instead the hostiles use some crap God Weapon and then the rest of the game is you breaking out and killing the enemy leader.

Matchmaking Sucks
AW’s Matching will do one of two things to you, 1: it will put you in a server with a horrible ping. or 2: it will match you with players above or below your level, and i mean massive level difference.

DLC over-load
of course this being a COD game the DLC is plentiful. DLC for Flag EXO Suits, DLC for flag gun skins, DLC for Flag Card Background, and even DLC to expand your maxim amount of “loot” you can store.

sucky MMO like “loot” system
In AW you can get supply drops that give you “loot”, loot in AW is new types of Armour, specialty guns, and skins. the problem is a lot of them have time limits. most of them are around 45 minutes after that they are gone unless you get them in another supply drop.. plus you can only have around 100 loot items unless you buy the armory DLC.

who AW is for

- COD fans

- Fans of fast paced first person shooters



Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wolfenstein the new order

What The New Order did right
The Cover System
everyone also says that Multiplayer in a shooter is “essential”, you know what's really essential? a cover system, a good cover system. TNO has this for sure.

No Mulitplayer
This may seem strange, a shooter without multiplayer. but TNO doesn't need multiplayer. the storyline is great and very challenging. i rather have a good single player game than a bad singleplayer game and a mediocre mulitplayer game. most shooters sacrifice time and money to put in multiplayer because people “expect” it.  

The Character Design
The way the Nazis and their robots of doom look is just epic in this game. they really spent time on them and some of them are pretty freaky.

The Level Diversity
in TNO you’ll be in Berlin,London,Poland, and on the moon. yep, the moon. and every one of these places and areas look great and have their own style.

Makes you feel Powerful
Like the oldschool shooters of the past TNO really makes you feel like super-human badass. sure you got your rebel friends helping you out. but you're the one who takes down giant robots of death. you’re the one who takes out Nazi bases all over. you’re the one who hunts down the leaders of their evil empire.
Brings back oldschool features
TNO has some things that you don’t see in most modern game. like being able to “overcharge” your health. or having to manually pick up ammo.

The Story
The story in this game is great. sure its not The Last of Us quality but it gets the job done. some of the things you and your friends do is just awesome. and they really do make you hate the Nazis. one of my favorite parts is when a rebel trapped underground turns towards the Nazis and goes out playing The Star Spangled Banner on his guitar, defying them even in his last moment. pure epicness.

The First Chapter
I’m the kind of person that enjoys tutorials that mask themselves as a level. you know the ones that make you feel like you are already playing the game but learning as you go. in TNO that is their D-day like level. for some reason a lot of people dislike this level. i thought it was a great action filled level that also showed you the ropes.

What The New Order did wrong

The Weapon Wheel
Ugh, i hate this thing. your true enemy in TNO is not the Nazis, no its the weapon wheel. most games that have weapon wheels use a system where you select each weapon in “chucks”. (think: Mass Effect 3) but in TNO you get a cursor that is stuck on a ring in the middle of the wheel. to make it worst the game does not pause or slow down like most game while using the wheel. so while you are fighting the wheel the Nazis will shoot you in the face. it really gets in the way.

Missions are repetitive
while the story is great, and the missions take place at different places with different features, most of the missions are the same at the base. go here, kill that, go here, steal that. it doesn't really hurt the gameplay in the end because of all the enemies and the level design.

No prone ability
its really small, but i would have liked to have been able to go prone. the Nazis can so why not us?



Thursday, December 18, 2014

Space Base DF-9

What Space Base DF-9 did right

 -Great visual Appeal

One of the things i love about SBDF-9 is the look and style, they just seem right. And it reminds me of the Sims 4 or Sim City(2013)

-Great idea for a game
lots of people have done building games, city games,etc, but Space Bases are few. The idea for this game is Perfect, now if only the game was...

What Space Base DF-9 did wrong

-Did not deliver
on the Double Fine Games website they had a roadmap (now long gone) of things they said they were going to try to add. It was a big one. And yes i know that even they said it wasn't "set in stone" but it was used to get people to buy the game, and now only about 20 to 40% of those features are in the game, and it kinda feels like they tricked us.

-Left the Game unfinished
Double Fine Games the dev and publisher has left SBDF-9 to make another game and thereby make more money. They basically blame the community citing that "not enough people bought the game to fund it". Perhaps because the game is in an Alpha state at the most

-retarded AI
I don't know about you but when i'm in a space base on the far reaches of the milky way, i get pretty damn pissed when i don't have Five Star meals, or Gyms, or bars, or TV. So mad i start trashing my own Oxygen tanks thereby killing myself. What? You wouldn't do that? Well the AI in this game does that. Yep, if they aren't living in luxury they decide life just ain't worth living.

-Not Worth the price
If Double Fine Games was going to keep working on this, i would say this is worth the price, however they aren't so really there is no point in spending cash on it. Its not going to get better, its not going to get fixed, and its not a good game.

-bugs and glitches that will never be fixed
Not being able to build, Oxygen not being produced despite the fact i have Oxygen tanks and more, these are bugs and glitches that will never be fixed.

-Made us pay for their failure
This is more of a issue of Double Fine Games itself. They the whole reason they said the game is being shut down is because one: Not enough people bought it, and two: they ran out of Kickstarter money. If they did run out of kickstarter money then STOP working on another game and spend that money on the game you sold us.

-This is not the first time Double Fine Game has let people down
Another game by DFG, Broken Age was also misleading. The game is sold as a full game but it is like TellTale games in that there are "Episodes". Right now, a year after the funding for the game ended there is only ONE  episode, with a "promise" that the second one will be coming on "sometime in early 2015"

Who Space Base DF-9 is for
-People who like wasting money

-People who don't care about playing an unfinished game

-People who buy games on sale


Final Thoughts
The idea behind this game is amazing, and if worked on properly it could be a masterpiece. But it won't and thats a shame. Normally i keep supporting even bad EA games because i figure "eh, they will fix it later" i mean at the point i've already given them money, the best thing to do is hold on to the hope (however pointless) that the game will get better. There is no hope with SBDF-9, not anymore. And yes, modders could make it better, and they could make it a great game, but my belief is that if modders have to fix your game, and i mean Make it playable, then you've already failed.

Highly Disappointing

Democracy 3

What Democracy 3 did Right
-A real look in the brutality of politics
No-one is your friend in this game, and everybody is a whining bitch yelling in your ear what you should do to make your nation perfect changing anything leads to more whining.

-Makes you think
you can't just do what you want, everything bill, every law, everything, will make someone, somewhere mad or alarmed. You have to make the smallest people mad while making the biggest groups/people happy.

-Mod Support
Mod support is always a good thing, and Democracy 3 uses the Steam Workshop.

What Democracy 3 did Wrong

-Everyone solves their problems by killing you
Made blacks made? Feminist feel ignored? Cut a guy off on your way to work? Well, they're going to kill you. Everyone for every reason will kill you unless you have more privacy killing security laws, but guess what? Killing people's privacy makes them want to kill you! It almost feels inescapable.

-Heavily biased
Racial profiling, Drones in the Sky 24/7, Capital punishment for even the smallest crimes, tank driving, machine gun wielding police officers, and nukes around every corner. These are the things that Ultra-Conservatives and Libertarians want in this game. That's wrong because the libertarian i know pretty much want anarchy.... anyways, in this game every bad  thing is wanted by the Right and everything Good  is wanted by the Left. You seeing their bias yet?

Who Democracy 3 is for
-People who can distance themselves from their political belief system

-People who enjoy simulator games




Final Thoughts
if you can go into this game and not get mad everytime you see your political side reacting in a way that they wouldn't, then you should be fine. As a Interracial Conservative, I was annoyed a little by the way they are shown in this game. But honestly i understand why they are like that in the game, because this is a political game and the creator is always going to put their own beliefs into this type of game, even if they don't mean too. Gameplay wise D3 is a tough strategy game and a fun one too.