Thursday, December 18, 2014

Space Base DF-9

What Space Base DF-9 did right

 -Great visual Appeal

One of the things i love about SBDF-9 is the look and style, they just seem right. And it reminds me of the Sims 4 or Sim City(2013)

-Great idea for a game
lots of people have done building games, city games,etc, but Space Bases are few. The idea for this game is Perfect, now if only the game was...

What Space Base DF-9 did wrong

-Did not deliver
on the Double Fine Games website they had a roadmap (now long gone) of things they said they were going to try to add. It was a big one. And yes i know that even they said it wasn't "set in stone" but it was used to get people to buy the game, and now only about 20 to 40% of those features are in the game, and it kinda feels like they tricked us.

-Left the Game unfinished
Double Fine Games the dev and publisher has left SBDF-9 to make another game and thereby make more money. They basically blame the community citing that "not enough people bought the game to fund it". Perhaps because the game is in an Alpha state at the most

-retarded AI
I don't know about you but when i'm in a space base on the far reaches of the milky way, i get pretty damn pissed when i don't have Five Star meals, or Gyms, or bars, or TV. So mad i start trashing my own Oxygen tanks thereby killing myself. What? You wouldn't do that? Well the AI in this game does that. Yep, if they aren't living in luxury they decide life just ain't worth living.

-Not Worth the price
If Double Fine Games was going to keep working on this, i would say this is worth the price, however they aren't so really there is no point in spending cash on it. Its not going to get better, its not going to get fixed, and its not a good game.

-bugs and glitches that will never be fixed
Not being able to build, Oxygen not being produced despite the fact i have Oxygen tanks and more, these are bugs and glitches that will never be fixed.

-Made us pay for their failure
This is more of a issue of Double Fine Games itself. They the whole reason they said the game is being shut down is because one: Not enough people bought it, and two: they ran out of Kickstarter money. If they did run out of kickstarter money then STOP working on another game and spend that money on the game you sold us.

-This is not the first time Double Fine Game has let people down
Another game by DFG, Broken Age was also misleading. The game is sold as a full game but it is like TellTale games in that there are "Episodes". Right now, a year after the funding for the game ended there is only ONE  episode, with a "promise" that the second one will be coming on "sometime in early 2015"

Who Space Base DF-9 is for
-People who like wasting money

-People who don't care about playing an unfinished game

-People who buy games on sale


Final Thoughts
The idea behind this game is amazing, and if worked on properly it could be a masterpiece. But it won't and thats a shame. Normally i keep supporting even bad EA games because i figure "eh, they will fix it later" i mean at the point i've already given them money, the best thing to do is hold on to the hope (however pointless) that the game will get better. There is no hope with SBDF-9, not anymore. And yes, modders could make it better, and they could make it a great game, but my belief is that if modders have to fix your game, and i mean Make it playable, then you've already failed.

Highly Disappointing

Democracy 3

What Democracy 3 did Right
-A real look in the brutality of politics
No-one is your friend in this game, and everybody is a whining bitch yelling in your ear what you should do to make your nation perfect changing anything leads to more whining.

-Makes you think
you can't just do what you want, everything bill, every law, everything, will make someone, somewhere mad or alarmed. You have to make the smallest people mad while making the biggest groups/people happy.

-Mod Support
Mod support is always a good thing, and Democracy 3 uses the Steam Workshop.

What Democracy 3 did Wrong

-Everyone solves their problems by killing you
Made blacks made? Feminist feel ignored? Cut a guy off on your way to work? Well, they're going to kill you. Everyone for every reason will kill you unless you have more privacy killing security laws, but guess what? Killing people's privacy makes them want to kill you! It almost feels inescapable.

-Heavily biased
Racial profiling, Drones in the Sky 24/7, Capital punishment for even the smallest crimes, tank driving, machine gun wielding police officers, and nukes around every corner. These are the things that Ultra-Conservatives and Libertarians want in this game. That's wrong because the libertarian i know pretty much want anarchy.... anyways, in this game every bad  thing is wanted by the Right and everything Good  is wanted by the Left. You seeing their bias yet?

Who Democracy 3 is for
-People who can distance themselves from their political belief system

-People who enjoy simulator games




Final Thoughts
if you can go into this game and not get mad everytime you see your political side reacting in a way that they wouldn't, then you should be fine. As a Interracial Conservative, I was annoyed a little by the way they are shown in this game. But honestly i understand why they are like that in the game, because this is a political game and the creator is always going to put their own beliefs into this type of game, even if they don't mean too. Gameplay wise D3 is a tough strategy game and a fun one too.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sims 4 Review

What the Sims 4 did right

-Vastly improved performance
One of the biggest issues with the Sims 3 was its horrible frame rate. Thankfully EA fixed it and The Sims 4 is way faster.

-Removed buggy/glitchy "open world"
While many people screamed bloody murder when they saw that open worlds where removed from The Sims 4, I was glad they got rid of them. The open world lead to tons of glitches and bugs. Like when the cars would never de-spawn leading to a build up of Cars in the world and therefore causing save file bloating and lag.

-Made user content easier to access
In The Sims 4 players can easily download player created Lots and Households via the gallery. Its a lot like Steamworks and just as simple to use.

-kept its famous sense of humor
For some reason people can slamming The Sims 4 for its comedy claiming that its “not immersive” or that the other sims where “more serious” i really don’t know what Sims game these people have been playing because every Sims game i ever played was filled with Sim silliness. is that the whole point of the game anyways? would people really play a “serious” life simulation game? do we really want to play a game that at many times would very boring and/or depressing?

What the Sims 4 did wrong
-Not enough Lots in maps
While I'm glad to see "open worlds" gone, The maps in The Sims 4 has too few lots for building House or public buildings and with the open world gone there really should be more.  

-Base Game has too few items
While this will be undoubtedly solved via DLC and expansion packs, the base game its self feels really empty content wise.

-Added an annoying “tips” feature
one of the annoying things you’ll run into early on is the Sims “tip” system. the point is to help newcomers understand how to play the game - i get that, but it just randomly appears and disappears over and over, getting in the way of gameplay and sitting there taking screen space until you click through all of the tips. the worst part is i can’t find a way to disable them.

-Removed Toddlers,Pools, and Ghosts.
while they DID add Pools and Ghosts back into the game it still begs the question of “why did they remove them in the first place?” also, “are we ever going to get Toddlers back in the game? and why were they removed?”

Who The Sims 4 is for
-Returning Sims fans,

-New Sims Fans

-Casual Gamers
End Thoughts
The Sims 4 has its share of problems and lack of content, however i still find it more enjoyable than the base Sims 3 game. returning fans might want to wait a bit for more DLC and content so the game doesn’t feel so empty.

Final Score:


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Patriotism is NOT Nationalism

A lot of people seem to think that a Patriot is the same as a Nationalist. they aren't, A Patriot loves their country but also accepts that it has problems and/or the goverment sucks. A Nationalist believes their nation is perfect and refuses to believe anything less.

The Reason i'm talking about this is the story in the news about the school in Jefferson County, Colorado whose new books people are saying is simply "Patriotic" when it is really Nationalist. these books will only focus on the good in the history of the US. gone is anything on slavery, or Native Americans, or the fight for women rights or the watergate scandal.  that is Nationalism. and Nationalism leads to a Fascist goverment and/or police state.

It leads to a fascist goverment because Nationalist will rarely disobey their goverment. Nationalist are the kind of people who believe everything the goverment does is for you. every action, every law. they are the kind of people who say "Its just for our own safety" when the goverment passes new laws that violate your right to privacy. they slowly allow the goverment more power and more control.

The Students at Jefferson County are fighting this censorship and calling for the return to their old books. strangely the ACLU has "offered" help but not taken any action.

I love my country, but i will not accept whitewashing our history. we've done some bad stuff over the years, and we've made some bad mistakes. but thats how a nation evolves. almost every other major nation has gone through something similar.real patriots should stand with the students of Jefferson County and fight this censorship.

Jefferson County Students Page:

Monday, September 8, 2014

World In Conflict Soviet Assault

World in Conflict is a WW3 RTS game developed by Swiss game company Massive Entertainment and British company SwordFish, and Published by Ubisoft.

WIC SA follows the story of the dreaded WW3 coming to bear. the USSR has launched a surprise attack on West Berlin and are quickly spreading into Europe. throughout the campaign you play as both the USSR and the USA. the campaign happens all around the world, during the game you will fight in Italy,France,Germany,The United States,Norway,and Russia.

World In Conflicts campaign is surprisingly good. we get a cast of characters on both sides, but the people who really matter is Lieutenant Parker (The US you),Captain Bannon (The whinny guy who ends up sacrificing himself and thereby redeeming himself), and Colonel Sawyer the dude who gives all the orders. On the Russian side we have Lieutenant Romanov (Russian you), Nikolai Malashenko (crazy and insane Russian dude who wants to kill everyone), and Colonel Vladimir Orlovsky,the guy who gives all the Russians their orders

The whole deal is that the mighty USSR is falling apart. their only hope at keeping their nation together is seizing much needed resources. Resources owned by the west. with no other choice they attack the US and her allies. this is the part of WIC SA i really love. the Russians are not "evil" or even crazy (well, other than Nikolai) at the same time they do a great job of showing the ridicules amount of propaganda that people living in the USSR were exposed to. In fact WIC SA does a great job of not showing ether side as the "Hero" or the "Villain" both sides have their faults and both don't really want to be fighting.

Gameplay wise WIC SA is fun, and easy. it is not a extreme strategy game and is instead more focused on quick combat. one things thats a little annoying is the fact that Nukes and other WMDs are well.... pointless. they really don't do much damage and the "craters" they leave behind are pretty pitiful. Players chose a role before the battle, Armor,Support,Infantry, or Air. while you still can put other roles units on the battlefield they will cost more and some of the elites of that role are unavailable. WIC SA doesn't look the greatest, but seeing as it came out in 2009 its understandable.

In the end if you like quick action RTS (without base-building) then WIC SA is the game for you.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Darkness 2

The Darkness 2, is a Canadian developed first-person shooter psychological horror game by Digital Extremes and published by 2K Games

In the Darkness 2 Jackie Estacado - the players character, has taken over one of New Yorks biggest Gang/Mob. still suffering from regret over his girlfriends death, Jackie is trying to live a normal life. having learned how to control and repress The Darkness. but he is forced to unleash The Darkness after a strange cult attacks him and his friends.

To be honest,The Darkness 2 is petty cliche, Guy loves girl, girl gets killed, guy has flash backs of said dead gril, on and on, you get the point. the levels aren't breathtaking, or special. no, in fact most of it is a hallway shooter and it really never breaks that form. despite all this the game is still fun. and the reason is of The Darkness. you get to use this special power and its pretty fun to take out enemy with it.

but you will soon tire of seeing the same kill moves over and over and over. sure, the first time or so its pretty cool to watch, but by the 30th or 40th time of seen the same kill moves you'll get bored. still, later on in the Darkness 2, the story does get better, and it will sometimes have you wondering what is real and what is not.

alas, the world of The Darkness 2 is boring and dry. almost all of the gameplay takes place in dark alleys/buildings that are extremely generic. and just to be more cliche The Darkness 2 features a abandoned fair/circus.

in the end The Darkness 2 is nothing special, but it is fun the first few times you play it. even the gameplay suffers though. as on normal the game is only four hours, The Darkness 2 has a multiplayer mode, however its boring and dull. the Darkness is worth 15$ max and you will have some fun with it. but once you get done with the story you will probably never play it again.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Game:Mount and Blade Warband

Mount and Blade Warband is a game made by Turkish game studioTaleWorlds Entertainment, it is a large-scale battle RPG.

The game plays more like a Total War game where you get to fight on the feild. you explore the world using a over head map. then you click on cities/towns/etc and it loads into them. to make it clear there is no real "open world" in the game. you don't not walk to the next city with you and your army rendered, you are simply represented by a man on a horse that walks across the map. when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense, seeing as you can get up to 250 or more troops, it would be a pain to walk all the way with that many people with a system just like skyrim.

So the meat of the game is the battles, you get to watch your army attack the other, and you yourself can engage the enemy on the field of battle. with a handy add-on the Warband Battle Size changer  you can go up to 700 men per battle. however, the M&B game engine will be highly unstable if you use any number higher than 300.

 Combat in Warband is gritty and fun. you can use all kinds of weapons. they have Swords,pikes,bows, and more. all have different abilities and such. hitting an enemy with a powerful Pike attack, can kill or knock them out instantly. and that brings us to another thing in M&B, the ability to capture people. with some weapons you will knock out people instead of killing them. after the battle you can take them with you as prisoners. Nobles and kings can not be sold, but anyone else can. you can even make them join your army as soldiers. however that will hurt your army's morale.

Morale in Warband plays a big part. lots of things can hurt your troops morale. things like fighting with a companion (a special person you can find in taverns that have backstorys, will speak to you about things.)
raiding defenseless farmers. not having any food. not paying them. or using captured prisoners as soldiers in your army. if morale gets too low, some of your troops will start to leave during the night and you can even lose you entire army this way. 

In Warband its hard to go alone in the deadly world of  Calradia, as such you will most likely find yourself working for a lord or noble. at first they will give you annoying repetitive quest, but soon you will start rise in the ranks. the Lord/Noble will call you for a grand attack on one of His enemies and you must join him. during this war if you take a castle in a siege your lord/noble may give it you as your own. once you are well known can even marry the daughters of other Lords/Nobles, and get larger amounts of land. of course you can just try to take over Calradia on your own, but then everyone will hate you and try to kill you. but running your own nation and forcing people to respect you is one of the more funnest things to do in Warband.

The big downside of this game is the visuals. yes i know, graphics aren't everything, but Warband looks barley better than PS2 graphics. however, with all of the crazy fun battles you'll be playing it will be easy to over look the games graphics.

if you like fun combat and huge battles then Warband is the game for you. just don't expect it to play like Skyrim or Oblivion.