Friday, March 7, 2014

Game Reveiw:Interstellar Marines

Interstellar Marines is a Indie game currently in early access on the steam store.
Right now the game has NO single player, However the Devs promise that there will be a single Player campaign with a story line. So until then this Review is for the Mulitplayer only.

IM Multiplayer is very fun and the Guns have that Battlefield realism to them. Most of the Maps are your standard shooter stuff, But one sticks out. "Operations" This map goes through three modes: Normal,Alarm, and Darkness. it makes the battles fun and exciting. during the Alarm mode it is hard to aim because of all the noise and flashing lights while in darkness you can not see without using your light, and if you do you will be giving your enemies a clear pointer to where you are.

Although it is fun to play the lack of any choice when it comes to guns,armor, even your avatar's look, makes the game get old very fast. There is rarely more than one server with players on it, and sometimes when the server reaches 16 players you wont be allowed in with the game saying "Error: Server is full" even thought the limit says 18. Hopefully when the game progresses more there will be more players.  The game sells for $14.99 USD. Unless you get the Spearhead version in which you get all "including all future updates and expansions". i dont understand that really, "All future updates?" you get the updates no matter what version you have... right?

Right now the game is very limited you can't crouch, go prone or do anything other than sprint and walk really. Leveling up does nothing other than giving you a steam achievement,  However the Dev road map promises that and more, including O-Rift support and Linux ports.The Devs seem to be staying on top of things with updates and bug fixes, and they obliviously have big plans for their game.
if you want to invest in a small game that may one day become the PC's Halo then checkout Interstellar Marines from Zeropoint Software on Steam.